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Final Fantasy X begins late in the story, with the main character, Tidus, waiting with his allies outside the ruined city of Zanarkand. From this in medias res beginning, Tidus proceeds to narrate the series of events leading up to his present situation, and this extended flashback spans most of the game's storyline. The flashback begins in an unruined Zanarkand, a high-tech metropolis and Tidus' home city, where he is a renowned star of the fictional underwater sport blitzball. When Zanarkand is suddenly attacked by Sin during a blitzball game, Tidus — along with his long-time mentor, Auron — is sucked into the creature and awakens to find himself alone in the ruins of a deserted temple.

Tidus is rescued by Al Bhed divers in the area, and one of them, Rikku, tells him that his city had been destroyed a thousand years ago. He has little time to dwell on the significance of this news before Sin attacks again, separating Tidus from the others. He eventually washes up on the tropical island of Besaid, where he meets Wakka, captain of the local blitzball team. Impressed by Tidus' skills, Wakka asks Tidus to join his team in an upcoming tournament in Luca, suggesting that he may meet someone he knows there.

Tidus is introduced to Yuna, a young summoner who is following in the footsteps of her deceased father Braska, who temporarily vanquished Sin ten years prior. Braska's guardians were Auron and Jecht, Tidus' missing father, who had been assumed dead at sea ten years earlier. Tidus also meets Lulu and Kimahri, who, along with Wakka, are to serve as Yuna's guardians, journeying with her on her pilgrimage to the ruins of Zanarkand. There, she plans to acquire the power to summon the "Final Aeon" and use it to defeat Sin.

The party travels by boat to Kilika — where Sin is encountered yet again, devastating the town — and then to Luca. After the blitzball tournament, the party encounters Auron, who joins the group. Not long after, following an encounter with Sin where an entire army of crusaders is wiped out, they are joined by Rikku, who is revealed to be Yuna's cousin.

The party also encounters Seymour Guado, leader of the Guado and a maester of Yevon. Although he initially presents himself as an ally, it later becomes apparent that he is a madman who wishes to become Sin so that he may use its power to kill everyone in Spira in what he believes to be an act of compassion. For this reason, he attempts to force Yuna to marry him, so that he may become her Final Aeon, and thus transform into Sin. Although Seymour is killed after his first battle with Yuna's guardians, he becomes an Unsent and attacks the party again many times.

Around the same time, Tidus becomes increasingly fond of Yuna, but discovers, to his horror, that if she completes her pilgrimage and uses the Final Aeon against Sin, she will die. Aware of her fate, Yuna intends to give her life to provide the people of Spira with the Calm, the brief period of peace that follows Sin's destruction. Complicating matters further, Auron reveals to Tidus that his father Jecht is alive, but no longer human, having now himself become the unwilling embodiment of Sin. Tidus resolves to find a way to free his estranged father and permanently destroy Sin without sacrificing Yuna's life.

As the player approaches Zanarkand, Tidus learns that he, Jecht, and the Zanarkand they hail from are all "dreams", summoned entities akin to aeons. Their city, Dream Zanarkand, was created one thousand years earlier, when a conflict known as the "Machina War" led to Yevon, Zanarkand's ruler and a powerful summoner, taking desperate measures to preserve its memory. He had his city's surviving people become fayth so that he could use their memories of Zanarkand to create a new city in its image, far removed from the warfare on the Spiran mainland. Sin was also created at this time, given form by Yevon himself to serve as "armor" protecting himself and the fayth. While continuously summoning Dream Zanarkand, Yevon lost his humanity and became known as "Yu Yevon" ("the Curse of Yevon"), a being existing solely to maintain Dream Zanarkand's existence. Over the next one thousand years, Sin would persistently attack the people of Spira to keep them from gaining the technology to learn of Dream Zanarkand's existence.

Once the player completes Yuna's pilgrimage to Zanarkand — ending Tidus' extended flashback recounting most of the game's events — she and her companions learn from the unsent spirit of Lady Yunalesca — Yevon's daughter, and the first summoner to have defeated Sin — that the Final Aeon is created from the spirit of one close to a summoner, and that when Sin is defeated, Yu Yevon's spirit then possesses it, transforming it into a new Sin. Additionally, it is revealed to the player that Auron himself is an Unsent, having been killed by Yunalesca ten years earlier when he confronted her in rage after the deaths of Braska and Jecht. Yuna and her guardians decide to seek a new way to defeat Sin: one that will permanently destroy him and will not require any sacrifices. Without having acquired the use of a Final Aeon, the party attacks Sin directly and enters its body with the help of the Al Bhed's airship.

Inside Sin, the party battles Seymour, Jecht's imprisoned spirit, and Yu Yevon, defeating each and sending their spirits to the Farplane. Thus, they are able to end Sin's cycle of rebirth forever. Auron dissipates and goes to the Farplane as well, having fulfilled his promise to Jecht and Braska to guard their children. Lastly, the spirits of all the fayth of Spira are freed from their imprisonment, dispersing the aeons, Dream Zanarkand, and Tidus in the process. Although Yuna mourns the loss of her love, in a speech to the citizens of Spira, she resolves to help rebuild the world now that it is free of Sin. However, she asks that they never forget the people who have been lost along the way.